ARCHITECTURE | PLP Architecture’s ‘The Edge’ Awarded Most Sustainable Building in The World

The Azure’s sleek contemporary design and international flair wouldn’t be possible without the expertise of the team at award winning international architecture firm, PLP Architecture based out of London, England. As we prepare to celebrate our groundbreaking in 2o15 and the beginning of construction for The Azure, Ottawa’s newest luxury condo development, PLP Architecture is celebrating a landmark achievement of its own.

PLP Architecture designed Deloitte’s new Amsterdam headquarters in the Zuidas business district of The Netherlands, named The Edge. The Edge has been receiving a lot of attention as the most sustainable office building in the world. In December of 2014 BREEAM awarded its highest ranking ever recorded of 98.36 percent and a rating of  ‘Outstanding’ to the new headquarters. BREEAM is the foremost environmental assessment method and rating system (similar to LEED in Canada and the US) for sustainable buildings in the world. The title of the most sustainable building was previously held by One Embankment Place in London.


Incredibly, the Edge’s energy efficient design generates 100 percent of the building’s own electricity and boasts an impressive 15 storey glass facade atrium flooded with natural lighting that effortlessly passes through into the surrounding workspaces. The Edge features 44,100 sq.ft of rooftop solar panels that generate the building’s electricity, while an aquifer thermal energy storage located 130 m below the ground generates the energy used to both heat and cool the entire building. Pretty impressive for a 430,000 sq.ft building.

The Edge is also the first building in the world to use Philips’ Ethernet Powered LED connected lighting system. This innovative system allows employees of the office building to regulate the climate and lighting of their individual offices via smartphones and tablets.

Deloitte 2








“The shape and orientation of the building present the initial step to achieving the exceptional climatic performance of this headquarters. Large floor plates arranged around a north-facing atrium allow daylight to permeate the majority of workspaces while load-bearing structure with smaller openings provides thermal mass and shade to the sunlit faces of the building. The 15-storey atrium space full of light and activity contributes to an inspirational workplace environment that is operationally, aesthetically and environmentally outstanding.”
Ron Bakker, Founding Partner at PLP Architecture

What is now a benchmark reference to sustainable building standards globally, has pushed the boundaries on how technology, smart design and environmental consciousness can come to together to create better, smarter and healthier working and living environments.

Hearing of achievements such as these in the world of architecture, design and construction make us proud to have The Azure designed by PLP Architecture. We are honoured to be their partner and for the first time ever, bring their genius and vanguard to Canada.


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