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The impressive and sophisticated interior design of The Azure can be attributed to Tanya Collins Design. With the interior design of The Azure, we wanted to stay local with who we worked with but also international with the products that we sourced for the building. 
For our very first blog post on interior design we collaborated with Tanya Collins herself to offer you an inside look at her inspiration and design process behind making The Azure’s interior spaces impeccably beautiful and worldly. This post is the first in a series of guest posts by Tanya that will look into her inspiration behind selecting everything that make up The Azure’s interior design. 

With 2015 upon us, I am so excited that The Azure boutique condo will be breaking ground this spring.  Having endured a competitive condominium market this past year, it is clear that quality and value will always overcome these forces.  As the interior designer of the Azure I developed three interior collections to choose from: the London Classic, the New York Deco and the Paris Moderne.  Each suite, no matter which collection is selected in the end, will lend a luxurious and sophisticated feel to the internationally inspired and sleek architecture of the exterior.  So how did I come up with the inspiration for these collections?

For me, one of the most critical elements for all of the collections is the hardware, all of which you not only see but feel.  I wanted these to be special just like this building that is unlike any other in Ottawa.  Using the same principles as in fashion, the style, shape and form of these interior design elements can be likened to the jewellery placed on a little black dress, or handbag for that matter.  It is these small but significant details which dictate whether you end up with a luxurious or a more spartan look and feel.

Sourced from Italy, the hardware in the gallery below is gorgeous and sets off the clean faced cabinetry in the New York and Paris collections with panache.

In my next guest post, I’ll be delving a little deeper into my design thoughts on kitchens and what specifically makes The Azure’s kitchens so special.

For more interior design inspiration and tips, check out Tanya Collins’ blog and follow her on Facebook Twitter Youtube and Pinterest!

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